The MeWe Founder and Leadership Retreat

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“As founders, leaders and innovators, it’s important to hold onto the spark. That moment when there was nothing but an idea or dream. The moment before you had a business or project to run and got caught up in the day to day grind.”

– Kevin Osborne, MeWe CEO

The MeWe Founder and Leadership Retreat

The three main themes of the retreat will be ‘knowing your dream’, ‘thriving with pressure’ and ‘taking the next step’. All the work will be done in the real and relevant context of your current and future challenges so that you can go away with renewed perspective and tools that will tangibly help you move forward personally and in your business.

At the heart of the retreat is enabling you to understand and re/connect with your purpose because MeWe believes that this not only drives the success of your business but also your well-being.

We will spend time focusing on your dreams and aspirations – the deeper purpose behind your project, business or career. We help you get clear on what’s important to you, understand why that’s important, and what is getting in the way. Then we help you align what you actually do each day to this bigger picture …

Finding and holding onto purpose is on-going work and never really stops. We want to build your capacity to focus on the long-term dream, whilst making day-to-day decisions in your enterprise. To do this we need to understand what stops us from finding or staying connected to our dreams.

Dealing with pressures can inhibit our ability to connect with our purpose. As we pursue our dream we will certainly have ups and downs and meet many challenges along the way. Understanding the inevitability of stressors and how to respond healthily to them is the second key theme of our retreat. We will look at different types of pressure and how to start building a toolkit to increase resilience and capacity to respond well.

Regardless of where we are on our journey, there will always be a new horizon and a next step required as things grow and develop. Whether things are going well or not, there is always a new possibility to show up and take new action in a way we’ve not done before. Doing anything new is can be scary. On this retreat we’ll look at next steps on your journey, and identify limiting beliefs and fears that are getting in the way or slowing you down.

“Thanks again! Tremendous work, and very moving experience!”

“Meeting likeminded people and seeing that our struggles are universal despite our different businesses really gave me confidence!”

“The team were very skilled at managing some sensitive sessions.”

“I feel more equipped to move forward with myself and my organisation’s development.”

“I had an amazing time. It was occasionally tough… emotionally and focus wise. But a very well put together event.”

“I had an amazing time. It was occasionally tough… emotionally and focus wise. But a very well put together event.”