Big Thanks to Ameet Shah

For over 8 years, Ameet Shah has been MeWe’s chairman and it is with admiration that we thank him for his time, energy and ongoing commitment to supporting MeWe’s success over the years.

Luckily, Ameet will only be stepping down as Chair and he will continue to serve on our board whilst passing on the reigns of Chairman to Conrad Da-Cunha.

Ameet touched many lives within the MeWe family and extended networks all of whom were quick to provide their take on the value Ameet brings. We hear from our executive team, fellow board members and MeWe members who have benefitted from Ameet’s advice on their business strategies:

Farooq Chaudry was mentored by Ameet for a start up he led back in the day:

“Ameet has a reassuring gift to make the most complex financial structural appear simple. Not simplicity that is the flip side of complexity but one that is earned through patience and consistency. Working with him made me aware the most important speed to solving problems and building a business is the speed of trust!”

– Farooq Chaudhry OBE, Executive Producer, MeWe alumni

From Ruth Jarratt, senior Arts consultant and MeWe board member, we hear only great things:

“Ameet has been a rock of support to MeWe from when it was just a twinkle in Kevin’s eye, through the inevitable teething problems of any startup, to the relative calm of today. Typically he has helped us hold steady during the tumultuous early Covid months, ensuring a smooth transfer to our new Chair Conrad. His wise counsel and quick financial thinking have helped MeWe flex to respond to changing times, so it is a relief that he is staying on board as we navigate ever more choppy waters. Three cheers for Ameet!”

– Ruth Jarratt, MeWe Board member


More MeWe alumni, Matt Churchill and Iniva, share their positive experiences of having Ameet as their mentor:


“I have been in the cultural industries for over 25 years now and Ameet stands out as an incredible business mentor, a great mix of thoughtful, warm approachable personality atop some very sharp insightful thinking. Ameet can provide perspectives and suggestions built on years as a senior executive at the very top. I really enjoyed working with Ameet.”

– Matthew Churchill, MeWe alumni.

“The 1-1 mentoring with Ameet was incredibly enriching for us. Ameet was able to swiftly identify the areas in which we needed most help from him. Working with a mentor who has experience of both the not for profit / publically funded arts and culture world as well as hard-nosed commercial consultancy, was extremely beneficial.”

– Iniva, MeWe Alumni


Next, we hear from Conrad Da-Cunha who is stepping up to the role of Chairman for MeWe, since joining the board in January 2020:

“I am extremely honoured to be asked to chair the board of MeWe360 and excited to be leading and participating in discussions with the thoughtful and inspiring board members we have around the table. We are in some interesting times with a lot to do, but MeWe is uniquely positioned to add real value for BAME leaders and entrepreneurs over the coming months and years. I am also very grateful to Ameet who from a personal note, has been hugely supportive and a real help to get me up to speed and welcomed into the MeWe family. Ameet has been with MeWe360 since the start and done an amazing job steering for over 8 years, which are some pretty big shoes to fill!.. but thankfully he will continue to play a key part as an active board member and I will be able to leverage his sage advice and expertise for the MeWe journey that lies ahead…”

– Conrad Da-Cunha, MeWe board member, Ameet’s successor as Chairman

Last but not least, our senior executive team share their thoughts on the fantastic contributions Ameet has provided to our organisation as whole as well as themselves individually as Ameet has supported their growth and development as leaders of MeWe360:

“Ameet is a powerhouse! He was there at the beginnings of MeWe and a critical part of getting us to where we are today. As an organisation we have relied on his sharp intellect and genius with numbers (sometimes his quick thinking is terrifying as you try to keep up with him over the phone, hurriedly taking down notes as he speaks!). He has also been crucial in helping us bridge some of the different worlds that MeWe spans (the arts, commercial, corporate and not for profit).The MeWe members that have been mentored by him over the last eight years share our appreciation of his ability to support, advise and bring clarity and always have high praise for him. On a personal level I have also experienced Ameet’s guidance in my own leadership development for which I am thankful and I know there are other members of the MeWe team, from over the years, that feel the same. But it isn’t just his intellect, or the practical skills and knowledge he has shared with us, but also his big heart that we will be forever grateful for. He has opened up his home to the MeWe family, hosting parties for MeWe members and team, and Ameet is genuinely interested in and always eager to connect with people. And what is special about Ameet is that this interest is in everyone. You can guarantee that Ameet will always take the time to get to know new team members even if it’s an intern only going to be with us for a few months. Ameet’s big heart and generosity are an example of the qualities that MeWe aspires to. Thank you, Ameet, for your years as MeWe chair and we look forward to continuing our journey with you.”

– Louise Nkosi, Deputy Chief Exec


“Ameet – what can I add that hasn’t been said above?

You’ve changed the way I think not just about business but about life. I sometimes thought I would drown in the knowledge you were giving me. But with time I’d always rise to the surface and things would be clearer. I guess this was my growth.

I remember after we’d completed the initial business plan for MeWe that we dropped out of touch, and how lost I felt. I spent 6 months chasing you to become more involved; you not only became MeWe’s Chair, but in every sense my business partner.

I knew quickly after meeting you that you had the energy, skills and experience to help deliver the ambition for MeWe; having a dream is one thing, turning it into reality is another. You helped hone and ground my vision without crushing it. It’s a powerful gift, I will always be grateful.

As with any partnership there were inevitable differences along the way but still, whenever I was stuck, you were the person I called. I’m glad to call you a friend and I’m delighted to still have you alongside for the next phase of MeWe’s journey.”

– Kevin Osborne, Founder & CEO of MeWe360