Capacity Building Programme

Grow with Create Equity’s One Million Pound Capacity Building Programme which is designed to accelerate the growth of Black and Brown-led Organisations. Applications will open in January 2023.

Do you want support to increase your funding?

Do you want to develop your financial or business plans?
Do you want to start a new project to increase or diversify your income?


The programme offers;

  1. Capacity Building Grant of £2,000 
  2. Over 25 days of support from expert subject matter consultants 

Black and Brown-led organisations are often under-resourced in comparison to those of their white counterparts. This can leave them struggling to fill short term skill set gaps and positions as they grow and expand. We work with a range of consultants to support, share knowledge and expertise in areas that deliver growth and build the capacity of organisations. 

We offer trusted and infrastructure support from our network of experienced expert consultants. We will help your organisation build operational rigour around Finance, Operations, Business Development and more.    

Create Equity’s Project Service Office, allows you to make the most of opportunities and to receive the support you might not otherwise be able to afford or prioritise allowing you to retain the *specialised skills as and when you need them.  

Our consultants have real commercial experience. Use clear language and frameworks that are understood and implementable by people at every level in the organisation. 

*specialised skills 

Practitioners in Strategy, Marketing, Finance, HR and Administration, Legal & Governance, Technology, Business Development and Operations.   

During the guided assessment process we spend our time getting to know you, your product and service and how it impacts the communities you support and reach. 

If your organisation is ready to grow and you are interested in learning more attend the following:

Live Capacity Builder Q & A Webinar 

Thursday 18th January at 12 pm (Register here)

Expression of Interest 

 9th January Expression of Interest opens 

28th January Expression of Interest Closes  

Live Capacity Builder Application Workshop Webinar 

8th February at 10am 

13th February at 2pm  

Formal Application

14th  February  Open for Applications

25th February  Closed for Applications

Eligibility Criteria 

We support Black and Brown – Led Organisations with a social mission either in providing transformational or innovative solutions in education, social justice, the arts, creative, digital and media industries.

Who cannot apply, Organisations

  1. Whose main beneficiaries are outside of the Greater London area
  2. Whose incorporation date is after the 31 March 2021 
  3. With an annual turnover of less than £100,000
  4. Whose primary mission is to improve the natural environment or prevent climate change
  5. Whose mission is the advancement of religious or political beliefs
  6. With less than 52% of their senior leadership team or board from Black communities or The Global Majority.

Who’s it for?

 Black and Brown-led organisations with a social mission

The social mission must either provide transformational or innovative solutions in education, the arts, creative, digital and media industries.

Your organisation’s main beneficiaries must be within the Greater London area

Your organisation must have been incorporated before 31 March 2021

Your organisation’s annual turnover must be £100,000 or more

At least 51% of your organisation’s senior leadership team and board must be from Black communities or the Global Majority

 Who’s it not for?

Organisations that are not eligible have:

A primary mission to improve the natural environment or prevent climate change

A mission to advance religious or political beliefs

Frequently Asked Questions

Programme offer

The programme offers nonfinancial capacity building support in addition to a Grant. Can you give examples of what this might be? 

The programme will provide support in areas that are crucial for your organisation’s growth and long-term development. This could include support to expand and diversify income streams, team growth, implementing essential operational systems, establishing strong financial management practices, enhancing marketing and communications for audience expansion and fundraising, measuring impact, ensuring legal compliance, and maintaining good governance.   

What is the Create Equity’s Project Service Office, and how does it support organisations?  

Through the Project Support office we collaborate  with individual organisations to assess their growth needs and match them with subject matter consultants. During this process we get to know you and your organisation and can support you with setting clear plans around financial modelling and planning, setting smart objectives and understanding the key results you want to achieve with your capacity building plans.  

Our consultants have real commercial experience, use clear language and frameworks implementable across all levels of an organisation. They specialise in Strategy, Marketing, Finance, HR, Administration, Legal & Governance, Technology, Business Development, Operations, and Impact Measurement.

Is the grant funding paid in one lump sum or is there a staggered payment schedule?

The grant will be paid in one lump sum of £2,000. 

Are there any items you wouldn’t provide a cash grant for?

It’s an unrestricted grant to go towards anything that will support your organisation’s ability to engage in the capacity building programme.

When will programme activities need to be?

All programme activities supported by grant funding and subject matter consultants will need to be completed within 12 months from April 2024.

Selection Criteria, Application, and Assessment Process

What is meant by organisational growth?

It refers to the possibility of acquiring growth finance (typically over £250K), increasing headcount, and/or expanding your products or services within the next 12 to 18 months.

Are you seeking organisations with a particular level of turnover?

Yes, typically over £100k per annum.

What does it mean to be eligible as a charitable organisation?

We support Black and Brown-led organisations with a social mission, providing transformational or innovative solutions in education, social justice, the arts, creative, digital, and media industries.

What types of organisations will you fund?

We fund various organisational structures as long as your organisation has charitable objectives and/or benefits the public. Expected legal structures include: Registered Charity, Charitable Trust, Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by guarantee, Community Interest Company (CIC) limited by shares, Community Benefit Society (CBS) registered with an asset lock or a common ownership dissolution clause, Community Benefit Society (CBS) without an asset lock, Company limited by guarantee, Co-operative, Limited liability partnership.

What is the application process?

There will be a two-stage process. The first stage will require applicants to complete and submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. This will be assessed, and selected applicants will progress to the second stage to complete an ‘Application’ Form.

What information will be required at the Expression of Interest stage?

You will be invited to complete an Expression of Interest form, including basic details about your organisation: its structure, mission, focus, growth plan, development needs, and eligibility verification for the program. The form will be in a simple checkbox format.

Can I get any guidance with my Expression of Interest?

Yes. For the Expression of Interest stage, live Q&A webinars will be conducted. These sessions will provide insights into the program’s purpose, guidance on completing the form, and details about the application timelines. The webinars are scheduled for Friday, 5th January at 10 am, and Monday, 8th January at 2 pm.

Please click here to sign up for our live Q&A webinars.

5th Jan: 

8th Jan:

What information will be required for the Application stage?

The information required for the Application stage involves a more comprehensive application form focusing on an organisation’s growth plans, development needs, and setting capacity-building objectives and measures for key results. A financial health check will also be conducted to gauge an organisation’s financial resilience.

Can I get any guidance with my Application Form?

Live Q&A webinars will be held for organisations invited to the application stage. During these sessions, we’ll thoroughly cover all questions on the application form and offer guidance on the most effective ways to complete it. This stage is designed as a guided process to enhance understanding of your organisation, its products/services, and its community impact.

The scheduled webinars are on Thursday, 8th February at 10 am, and Tuesday, 13th February at 2pm. We will be in touch with applicants who are selected for this stage with a link. In addition to this for those organisations invited to make an application we are able to provide 121 support if required. 

What is the assessment process for each stage of the application process?

During the Expression of Interest stage, we assess applicants based on eligibility and how well their organisation fits the aims of the capacity building programme. Notifications about this stage’s outcome will be sent by Monday, February 5th.

Moving to the Application Stage, a more detailed assessment occurs. This will focus on organisational growth potential and alignment of development plans with your organisational goals. Organisations reaching this stage will receive the final decision by Friday, March 8th.

Will I get an acknowledgment of receipt of my application?

Yes, we will confirm receipt of your Expression of Interest and receipt of your Application Form if you are selected to progress to this stage.

How and at what point is the final decision made about the level or type of expert consultant support allocated to each organisation?

The plan for expert consultancy support will be discussed and agreed with applicants as part of the application form stage. The final package will be decided and communicated to the applicant at the start of the program.

My previous application to the Capacity Building was not successful, should I apply again?

Yes, We encourage applying again if you meet the eligibility criteria but recommend attending a Q&A webinar for guidance. Applications were most often unsuccessful due to challenges in articulating strategic growth plans alongside well-aligned financial planning.

Requirements for participants on the programme

How long does the programme run for?

12 months, starting from April 2024

How much time commitment is expected from organisations in order to participate in the programme/access the support? 

This will vary based on your organisation’s needs and the type of consultancy services required. The £2,000 grant is intended to facilitate impactful engagement in the programme. 

What are the reporting requirements for organisations on the programme? 

We will work collaboratively with organisations to  set capacity building objectives and agree on key result measures. Organisations will be asked  to provide updates on their progress towards these agreed-upon objectives each quarter.

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