‘Black Leadership Matters’ – Breaking the cycle of under-achievement in BAME leadership

Provocation Paper No.2 By MeWe360

The subject of our second paper is ‘Black Leadership’ an extremely ‘hot’ topic in terms of the sensitivities involved and one about which very little research exists. The paper aims to break that silence by making more public the issues that underpin BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) under-representation/achievement.  You can download and read our paper here.

As with our first paper, we are keen to hear voices that question, support and help us to deepen our thinking, and most importantly, move the sector towards real change in improving diversity. Please join the conversation on twitter @MeWe360 using #MeWeLetsTalk or email us at admin@mewe360.com

MeWe360 has spent the past five years running an action research project to find and test new and more effective approaches to driving diversity in the arts. The project was built on 20 years’ previous experience and 10 years’ research in this field. We are now at the point where we feel that it is imperative to share our key findings regarding the specific challenges for BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) talent, to have conversations about possible solutions and to help create action plans for change. As such, we are publishing a series of interactive thought pieces.

Read our first paper ‘The Black Arts Funding Trap’ here. It looks at how current and historic funding models can hinder the increase of BAME participation in the sector. We also constructively attempt to offer an alternative solution.