MeWe Membership

Our Membership programme is designed to develop the mindset and tools that underlie success and to provide the support needed in your journey as an entrepreneur.

We support creative entrepreneurial talent from around the country.  Whatever stage your venture is at, we aim to move you and your enterprise to the next level with a programme that combines individually tailored support with group development and learning opportunities.

Associate Network Membership

Join a growing community of 800+ creatives across the UK with our free Associate Network membership.

Incubator Membership

Read up on the benefits of being an Incubator Member below, then when you’re ready…

  • Our priority is the entrepreneur: We are committed to the individual and maximising your potential. Whilst here to support moving your business forward in the here and now, our focus is on your upwards trajectory as an entrepreneur beyond any one particular venture.
  • Personal development is key: A core part of the MeWe Incubator Programme is helping founders and leaders understand and strengthen their personal capacities as entrepreneurs. Our experience at MeWe tells us with 100% certainty that this is the single most important factor in achieving success more quickly and with greater impact and longevity.
  • Black and Asian focus: We are dedicated to ensuring that Black and Asian creative entrepreneurial talent is able to thrive whilst working towards a more equitable and diverse arts & creative sector. For this reason, whilst our programme is emphatically open to all, we have a minimum 70% Black and Asian participation.
  • Home for Black and Asian talent: We provide a community of peers and wider industry supporters, a platform to showcase achievements and a space to hold constructive dialogue about issues of Black and Asian representation as well as action plans for promoting the transformations we want to see.

  We offer a 12-month programme that includes:

  • Mentoring & coaching (up to 10 hours)
  • Entrepreneur’s Retreat (once a year)
  • Peer learning groups and networks (6+ events)
  • Dedicated in-house team (regular check-ins throughout the year)

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Candidates for membership must:

  1. have a business or a business idea within the creative industries
  2. be able to commit to attending the group development and learning opportunities

Our Incubator programme fee is £1,500. Those in receipt of universal credit are eligible for a membership bursary. Members are also welcome to find their own sponsors to help fund their membership. More information on request.