Happy New Year, from our CEO

I spent a lot of last year talking about money and power in my various articles for MeWe and Create Equity, exploring the barriers to racial diversity, equity and inclusion in the creative industries.

Strangely, I feel slightly uncomfortable about it. I’m self-conscious challenging those with more power than me, while wanting more for myself. And the old (Biblical) maxim that money is the root of all evil lingers from childhood, making me wary and ashamed of wanting more of that too.

But as Abraham Lincoln said: Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character give him power. I want to have my character tested and to stand up to the test.

So, this year I resolve not to be ashamed of wanting money and power but to remember why I want them. I resolve to remember that money and power aren’t ends in themselves but tools which, applied with creativity and integrity, have the potential to improve things for me and those around me.

As Black entrepreneurs, we have all withstood adversity. Perhaps you’ll join me in putting your character to the test. In 2022, I wish you greater wealth and power – and the capacity to harness these with your creativity and entrepreneurial resilience – to better yourself and society.

Me We Create Equity!