MeWe360 is a black-led not for profit that champions Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic entrepreneurs in the arts and creative industries.

Our two main activities are:

  • MeWe Incubator Programme

  • Thought Leadership

Incubator Programme We develop entrepreneurial talent in the arts and creative industries through our Incubator programme which includes mentoring, bespoke industry and peer networking, entrepreneur retreats and peer learning. Members come to us wanting to accelerate their chances of success in starting or growing their ventures. We help them do this by focusing on building their personal capacities as entrepreneurs. Our commitment is to invest in our members success in the longer term, and beyond one single venture, so that they have the tools, access and capacities to realise their full potential as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Thought Leadership MeWe360 provides a space to hold constructive dialogue about issues of BAME representation in the arts and creative industries as well as action plans for promoting the change we want to see.

MeWe360 was established at the end of 2012 to find and test new and more effective approaches to supporting BAME creative entrepreneurial talent and drive increased diversity in the arts and creative industries. 

MeWe360’s founder and CEO is Kevin Osborne who has spent the last 25 years as leader, producer and developer in the arts and creative industries supporting BAME talent. He has worked in the music industry as an executive producer (including Warner Brothers); as a consultant in the arts (including the Royal Opera House); undertaken extensive research on race, identity and power in relation to BAME leadership (Bath University and the Clore Programme) and founded initiatives such as Tribal Tree and MeWe360.

Since 2012, MeWe360 has supported over 3500 creative entrepreneurs, helped secure £2million+ financial investment for members, grown a formidable network of industry supporters and mentors and partnered with organisations such as Ingenious Media Group, Channel 4, Creative England and Deutsche Bank. Our partnership with Deutsche Bank over the last 2 years has increased applications by 185% (from 150 to 428) and significantly increased BAME participation – now at 52%. Deutsche Bank sponsors 10 memberships to the MeWe programme. Having initially been 90% grant funded, by 2018-19, 76% of MeWe’s income was generated from trading activity, reducing reliance on grants to only 24%. In 2018, MeWe360 was granted National Portfolio status by Arts Council England.